Urgent News About Erectile Dysfunction and High 

Blood Pressure

Erectile Dysfunction and High Blood Pressure

Erectile dysfunction or E.D. affects a lot of men especially as they approach old age. It is known as the inability of achieving or retaining penile erection most of the time during the sexual act and can result to unsatisfactory sex between partners. 

Erectile dysfunction can be blamed to a lot of emotional and physiological reasons. The emotional reasons of erectile dysfunction include performance frustration, anxiety, anxiety, guilt, confusion about sexual orientation and relationship troubles. But when it comes to physiological causes, there are some that question whether or not there is a connection between erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure. Let’s find out.

    High blood pressure, is one of the many physiological reasons that can cause the male erectile dysfunction. But then, unlike the other causes of erectile dysfunction, settling the main cause of high blood pressure can help in the improvement against erectile dysfunction. 

The physiology behind an erection is due to the dilation of blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum. During the event of erection, there is a release of testosterone -the main male sex hormone - into the circulating blood. This is a chemical telling the heart that prompts it to pump more blood into the veins and arteries. This improved blood flow causes the penis to harden and become rigid.

The physiological factors that origin erectile dysfunction normally tend to disturb the course of penile erection. This course involves the spread of nerve signals from the brain to the penis as well as the response of the fibrous tissues, muscles and the blood vessels that help conduct blood to the penis; any type of harm or breakdown in this progression may result in erectile dysfunction. 

Some diseases that cause erectile dysfunction comprise kidney disorders, diabetes, neurological and vascular diseases, as well as prostate cancer.

Current investigations has found that prescribed drugs such as beta blockers, used in the treatment of high blood pressure, are themselves to blame for erectile dysfunction. This is as these medications limit the action of those nerve transmission that result to an erection. 

Other medications used for managing high blood pressure such as diuretics diminish the flow of blood to the penis and cause erectile dysfunction. The only safe process of treating erectile dysfunction caused by high blood pressure is to implement certain lifestyle changes such as avoiding smoking and alcohol, reducing salt consumption, and exercising regularly.

High blood pressure causes erectile dysfunction by blocking the filling of blood in the penis’ blood vessels. It is also known to damage the action of the smooth muscles of the penis, so that they are not capable to relax after an erection. This has a cumulative effect on erectile function and prevents total or satisfactory erection. 

Various investigations have also reported that high blood pressure could be accountable for lowering the levels of testosterone in the blood stream. Low levels of testosterone may lead to low sexual stimulation.

Erectile Dysfunction and High Blood Pressure

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