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Cure of Erectile Dysfunction

Cure Of Erectile Dysfunction 

Seeking for a cure of erectile dysfunction has been a common aim for most companies that focus on creating innovative sexual enhancement products. Viagra maybe the pioneer in treating erectile dysfunction, and with the development of our technology came Cialis and Levitra. 

Prescription medications such as Viagra and Levitra work in the same mechanism. Both these drugs prevent the activity of PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5), an enzyme naturally produced by the body that eats away cGMP, which is responsible for maintaining an erection. as a result, an erection is prolonged, which means longer sexual performance. 

However, while these medications offer effective treatment for erectile dysfunction or impotence, some may not be satisfied with the side effect that come along with them. 

One of the most popular treatments for cure of erectile dysfunction is Yohimbe. This natural treatment contains Yohimbine as its active ingredient, which is responsible for the vasodilation effect of the ingredient. This has the ability to expand the blood vessels, particularly those in the penile blood vessels, making erections become fuller and more rigid. 

Although its effects in enhancing erectile function may not be as questionable as other natural treatments for the condition, there were a lot of reports from users experiencing side effects, which include headache, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, and irregular heartbeats. 

Another natural treatment that could help in the cure of erectile dysfunction is Ashwagandha. This Ayurvedic traditional medicine is believed to increase sexual endurance and restore sexual drive in men. This may work as an adaptogen, where it improves the resistance of the body from certain physical conditions and mental stress. 

Tongkat Ali is also one of the known natural treatments for aiding in the cure of impotence. While many Asian and Western men alike use this for erectile dysfunction, this also helps in restoring sexual drive and stamina. It is known to enhance the production of testosterone in men, which results in an enhanced libido and sexual stamina, as well as increased lean muscle growth. 

Although these treatments for the cure of erectile dysfunction maybe found effective by many men, some may not benefit fully from them, since different bodies tend to react differently. Studies are still lacking about these natural cures for impotence, so one should be more aware of its other possible interactions or effects, particularly for those who suffer from other health conditions. Therefore, conduct your own research first to determine which one could be best for you.  

Cure Of Erectile Dysfunction

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